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Enter the Music Booth. Left-click link on any song below to hear any of this week's highlights. Right-click, select "Save Target As", downloads. Further down the page is the Archive, with multiple-midi collections from RPG's.

Dragon Warrior VII Battle

Dragon Warrior VI Battle

Arc the Lad Battle

Xenogears Battle

Chrono Trigger Battle

Final Fantasy IV Battle

Final Fantasy VIII Battle

Final Fantasy VII Battle

Final Fantasy VI Battle

Final Fantasy IX Battle

Illusion of Gaia Battle

Final Fantasy Tactics Battle

Lufia Battle

Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis Battle

Bahamut Lagoon Battle

XenoSaga (Battle Midi)

Do you know what song is on this sheet music?
Answer: Final Fantasy Prelude

Enter the Archive. Right-click, select "Save Target As", or Left-click downloads one of these multi-midi RPG game collections.


Kingdom Hearts Midis (8 more)

Kingdom Hearts Midis (6)

Final Fantasy X Midis (9 More)

Final Fantasy IX Midis (3 More)

Golden Sun Midis (5 More)

Final Fantasy XI (Field Midi)

Final Fantasy X (Trailer Midi)

Kingdom Hearts (Dearly Midi)

Kingdom Hearts Halloweentown Midi

Final Fantasy Prelude (Haunting Midi in every FF)

Xenogears Soft Wind Midi

Dragon Warrior VII (4 Midis)

Final Fantasy X (10 Midis)

Final Fantasy IV Midis

Ultimas Varied (31 Midis)

Ultima VI (13 Midis)

Lufia III Midis

Dragon Ball Z Midis

M.U.L.E. & Archon Midis

Lufia Midis

Final Fantasy Tactics Midis

Golden Sun Midis

Xenogears Midis

Ultima III Midis

Final Fantasy VII 55 Music Selections (239kb)

Final Fantasy VIII IX X Music

Final Fantasy I Midis

Chrono Trigger Midis

Ultima IV Midis

Phantasy Star III (4 tunes)

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