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Friday, October 18, 2002

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Sample Walkthrough Fragment for Final Fantasy X (PS2)


- Talk to the fans (both the children and the girls)
- Walk along the highway
- Push through the fans and enter the stadium
- After an event, leave the stadium
- Attack the enemies in front of you - ignore the ones behind you
- Use Auron's Overdrive, then just attack the boss - it can't kill you
- Follow Auron
- Attack the enemies in front of you, then attack the tanker when -Auron tells you to (make sure to stay healed with Potions)
Sample Walkthrough Fragment for Morrowind (PC)

After getting equipped, return to Caius and ask about your "orders". Caius will mention that he needs information from a man named Hasphat Antabolis in the Balmora Fighters Guild. Caius will also mention that  you will most likely need to do a favor for Hasphat before he will tell you anything. Before you go, Caius will give you access to any books in  his house.

      To get to the Fighters Guild, cross the northernmost bridge to the west side of town, go up the first flight of stairs and turn south before  you get to the second flight. The Fighters Guild is on the left, and Hasphat is downstairs in the lower level.
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